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Pre-Planning Funerals

Pre-Planning a Funeral is a no cost way to prepare for the passing of a loved one or of yourself. It gives you the opportunity to arrange the funeral and provide peace of mind not only to yourself, but also to your family and friends...

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Funeral Bonds

Funeral Bonds are an investment held by an independent finance company and organised through Stan Crapp Funerals. Speak to Stan Crapp Funerals about options and we can help you to claim the bond and arrange the funeral...

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Pre-Paid Funerals Plans

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan eliminates financial burden and offers peace of mind. Plans are flexible and guaranteed by a major financial organisation for added security. You can choose the service you want for yourself or for a loved one. Your prices will also be locked in, saving you costs in the future...

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Planning with Funeral Insurance

If you have taken funeral insurance with a Funeral Insurance company, you can contact our team when the worst happens. We will guide you and assist in the process of making a claim and preparing the funeral service...

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