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Funeral Insurance

Nobody enjoys thinking of their own funeral or the funeral of a loved one but preparing for one can be the difference for your family once the worst happens. Having that peace of mind through the process of arranging a funeral with Stan Crapp Funerals and not having to worry about finances is a major relief for your loved ones.

With Funeral Insurance, you are covered financially, but we recommend that you Pre-Plan your Funeral with us in order to be fully prepared. This allows you to make decisions on what you want, and provide us with difficult, personal information.

Once the worst has happened however, your family can contact us at Stan Crapp Funerals and we will help them through the process of gaining access to the insurance funds. We can help your family with contacting the Funeral Insurance company and immediately begin the process of organising the funeral service.

For any assistance, any questions or anything at all, the friendly team at Stan Crapp Funerals is available to help.

For More Information on Insurance

Stan Crapp Funerals does not offer any form of insurance. Instead, what we recommend in general situations is that families opt for a Funeral Bond and that they Pre-Plan a Funeral.

If you are looking for further information on the pros and cons of Funeral Insurance, we recommend checking the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website. ASIC offers independent and reliable information on insurance.

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