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What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Essentially, it is a funeral that has been prepared in advance. Having a Pre-Paid Funeral plan allows you to personally take control of your own funeral service. Pre-paid plans can also be prepared on the behalf of loved ones and often this is done if they are unable to do so themselves. Funerals are a difficult time for everyone involved and it can easily be an overwhelming process.

What a Prepaid Funeral Plan does is give you the chance to organise a funeral before the worst happens. You will pick what those special touches and add your own special requests. This also locks in costs at the days dollar price.


Why Choose a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Control: You pick what you want and take the burden off of your family while they are grieving. It allows you ease of mind as to the service you will receive and allows your family the opportunity to celebrate a loved ones passing. Because we will have the details required for paperwork already, much of the administrative process can be skipped. This means less time in our office and less difficult questions.

Costs: Because you decide what you will have included in the funeral service, you decide what the costs will be and the cover amount. As the funeral has been prepaid you’ll also remove the financial burden from your family. Further, the contract is costed at today’s prices and essentially, this contract locks in your funeral expenses.

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Who Handles the Plan?

This process is completely in your control and the costs of your funeral service can vary depending on your wishes. We at Stan Crapp Funerals will help to guide you through the process of deciding what you want and how to organise it. We can do this at our location in central Kiama, by visiting you in your home or at a local café, for example.

We at Stan Crapp organise the Pre Paid Funeral Plan but for the security and protection of your investment, the plan is managed and guaranteed by Foresters Financial. What this means is that your fund is independently administered by Foresters Financial.

If you would like some more information on Foresters Financial, we strongly suggest visiting their website. For independent information on pre-paid funeral plans, you can also visit the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Website.


How is it Prepared and What Does it Cover?

The process is easy to complete and can be broken down into a couple of steps.

First your Funeral director will assist you with the setup of your prepaid Funeral Plan. Then the costs of items and services will be locked into the contract. Finally we will finalise the contracts between you, Stan Crapp Funerals and Foresters Financial.

Once everything is arranged, there are a few options for contributing to your investment. You can, of course, invest a single lump sum but you can also make contributions and pay by installments. There are options to suit your needs and wishes.

What It Can Cover:

Remember that you choose what you will have.

What is Not Covered?

Unfortunately some things cannot be included because they are managed by groups other than Stan Crapp Funerals. Although these cannot be included in the Funeral Plan, our Funeral Directors can help you in arranging them. These include but are not limited to:

  • Burial Sites
  • Plaque and Placement of Cremated Remains
  • Internment Fees