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Why Choose to Pre-Plan?

Choosing to Pre-Plan a Funeral may seem grim but there are advantages to doing so. When a loved one passes away we, as Funeral Directors, require information which can be difficult to gather. The maiden name of the departed's mother and their year of marriage are two examples.

When you pre-plan, you can provide this information to our directors who will keep the details for when they are needed. The practicality of having planned a funeral can offer peace of mind to family and friends.

Another reason is Special Requests. If you plan for your own funeral, you can choose how to celebrate your life. If you loved motorcycles, for example, we can help to arrange for a motorcycle hearse. You can select a coffin, location, music, imagery and more. We encourage planning these special requests and if you have questions, your funeral director can help you.

To Pre-Plan
A Funeral

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What is a Pre-Planned Funeral?

Pre-Planning a Funeral is a preparation for the future. It removes the burden on your family and loved ones during a difficult time. It also allows you to decide exactly what you want to happen at a funeral, whether it be your own, or a loved ones.

Essentially, our professional funeral directors will ask you the same questions which they would at a funeral arrangement after the passing of a loved one. You will be able to pick a coffin, burial, cremation or crypt, location, funeral hymn, music and more.

Unlike other funeral providers, pre-planning at Stan Crapp Funerals comes with no added cost. Pre-Planning a funeral is entirely for your and your families peace of mind and well-being.


Who can Pre-Plan?

Funerals can be Pre-Planned by anyone for themselves. Doing so is often quite practical, as you can answer the difficult and specific questions required for a Death Certificate.

Pre planning a funeral is also an option for loved ones that are in pallative care, or are unable to decide for themselves. What this does is streamline the process of arranging the funeral and gives you time to grieve. This also offers the opportunity to plan funerals together.