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For many people, remembering a loved one who has passed away is best done with the help of plaque or monument to their passing. There are a variety of forms which these can come in, from tombstones, bronze plaques, mausoleums, crypts, headstones and more. Our team will ask about your preference or any pre-planning when you call us.

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For many people a plaque is their choice of remembrance for a loved one. In many cemeteries, there are multiple options for interring the cremains of a loved one and as such, there are multiple options for plaques. Particularly for those that have chosen a cremation, a plaque is required for interring cremains into a columbarium.

A columbarium is a section of cemetery specially designed for cremains. Often these take the form of walls with small rooms for the cremains and a plaque to seal and provide a memorial for the person. Cremains are what remains after the cremation process has taken place and consist mainly of the skeleton in a powder form. At Mountain View Crematorium, almost all other material is combusted during the cremation and the staff then place the cremains into an urn.

At Kiama Cemetary (also known as Bombo Cemetery) there are several columbarium walls which hold cremains. There are also options to have the cremains buried and a plaque placed upon the area. Further, there is an option to place a portion of the cremains into a columbarium and then place a memorial plaque. Often, families will chose to scatter part of the cremains or to place them into a different urn and keep them with the family.

Creating a plaque can take quite some time, so we at Stan Crapp highly recommend that you begin the preparation of a plaque as soon as possible. If you join us for a meeting on a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, this is an option that you may like to consider.


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The Process

In order to help you with this, we have a guide that your Funeral Director can help to take you through. It is essential however, that you contact us as soon as possible in order to minimise the time it takes to complete the plaque. Typically, a period of 8 - 12 weeks to receive the plaque is required but this can be extended depending upon public holidays. In order to ensure that you receive the plaque as soon as possible, please refer to this short guide:

Step 1 - Make an appointment with Stan Crapp Funerals at your earliest convenience

Step 2 - Please bring the following information:

      • Correct Personal Details. Name, D.O.B., age, family member names, date of death
      • Your loved ones Cremains, if not already in the care of your chosen cremator
      • The Right of Burial  / Certificate of Ownership paperwork
      • Information on the size of the niche. Full or 1/2
      • A clear photo image, passport size or larger. (if you want an image displayed)
      • Service information (NX Number) if a service emblem is required
      • Information on a layout (if you have a preference)

Step 3 - Your Funeral Director will take you through the process of placing the order and receiving it upon completion.

Local Cemeteries 

Stan Crapp Funerals works with a range of local cemeteries and religious organisations when it comes to the design and placement of a plaque. Some locations and organisations will only accept a certain style of plaque, a certain material and/or designs. This can make a funeral even more difficult and confusing. For that reason, we recommend that you contact us at Stan Crapp Funerals so that we can help you. Below is a brief list of some of the locations around Kiama, were you can place a plaque for your loved ones:

Stan Crapp Funerals can always assist you with the arrangement of and placement of plaques for other cemeteries and religious organisations. If you have any questions, concerns or you are interested in a plaque for a loved one, feel free to contact us.

Burial Monuments

Placing a burial monument over the grave of a loved one is a popular form of remembrance and ensures that their memory will withstand the test of time. These burial monuments can range from a stone covering, to a headstone, to a large crpyt. Further, these can be decorated in a variety of ways and with various design styles.

There may be requirements or restrictions based upon the cemetery in which you wish to inter your loved one but at Stan Crapp Funerals, we can assist you in this process.

Due to the specialisation of designing and creating burial monuments, this is not handled directly by Stan Crapp Funerals. Instead, we recommend that you contact your preferred location manager or us and from there, decisions can be made around design and so on. We can help to coordinate with monument masons for the construction of crypts, etc. Contact us for more information or you can follow the links in the 'local cemeteries' for details on a specific cemetery.

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